The history of the Butchery “Zivieri Massimo” in Monzuno begins in 1987 when Massimo, seventeen, opens with his father Graziano and his brother Fabrizio the shop in the village square. Massimo, little more than an adolescent but with clear ideas of what he wanted to do in the future, takes the situation in his hands and immediately decides to choose the path of quality.

It is precisely in this lovely shop in the heart of a small village on the Tuscan-Emiliano Appennine that Massimo reaches incredible results in his field: in 2001 he joins “La Granda Consortium” of Fossano (CN), Slow Food Presidia for the Piedmontese cattle breed, a consortium formed today by 32 Piedmontese cattle breeders that, under the leadership of Dr. Sergio Capaldo and through the application of simple but strict disciplinary rules, produce high quality and genuine meat.

“La Granda” Consortium, by wanting to rediscover and re-evaluate the role of breeder-producer, represents today a different philosophy of production, based primarily on the respect for the animal welfare and its normal pace of growth, and it bases its principles essentially on:

1 – a strict natural feeding

2 – the complete line cow-calf

3 – Rigid and complete traceability; this is ensured by the application of a voluntary controlled labelling system controlled by “Asprocarne” Piedmont.

Massimo confirms once again his attention for the culture of quality and livestock tradition recently when, in 2005, he decides to start a small breeding of  “Cinta Senese” and “Mora Romagnola” pigs raised in the half wild.

Here they grow in a reserved area of 50 hectares where the animals are free to root around the woods of downy oaks and wild chestnuts, to puddle in ponds created specifically for them and they can feed on the roots and tubers of the plants that grow on these still pristine slopes. They thus develop their typical fat, well known to gourmets.

In summer, when the wood is less rich in “delicacies” their diet is supplemented with grains and legumes such as corn, barley and field beans, all strictly organic certified. It is through the use of these great raw materials that Massimo’s breeding meets the most demanding palates, while ensuring the safety of the product itself.


The butchery “Zivieri Massimo” offers both Piedmontese beef and pork cuts of both “Cinta Senese” and “Mora Romagnola” all highly selected. In the shop you can also find a small selection of wines of “Colli Bolognesi”, the preserves of “La Dispensa di Amerigo”, the oil and products of “Roi” (Badalucco) and some of the products of the “Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori Appennino Bolognese”

  • In the months from October to December, there is the possibility to purchase white truffle of Zivieri Truffles Ltd.
  • We offer a service of vacuum portioning, which allows the consumption of meat some days after the purchase.
  • We offer a service of home delivery in Bologna and province and in Italy through refrigerated shipping with couriers.



La Macelleria Zivieri offers its customers several cuts from cattle exclusively from farms of the Piedmont Consortium “La Granda”. Each cut of meat purchased is accompanied by a label that contains all data of the bovine animal origin: race, sex, age of the animal, as the source of breeding, slaughter date and number of the Registry National headset. All this ensures complete traceability and is essential to recognize the meat and to protect and inform consumers.

The Cinta Senese and Mora Romagnola breeds pork that we offer to our customers come from selected semi-wild herds. The attention dedicated to the feeding of the animals is reflected on the quality of the product both fresh and seasoned, which is particularly clear in the characteristics of intramuscular fat.

These meats have in fact a particular abundance of fat that is quite tasty, and unsaturated fatty acids, mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6. The salami products from this excellent raw material are obtained by only adding salt, pepper and spices. The choice of salt was carried out with care: after doing careful research, we have chosen the “sweet salt” that comes from the salt pans of Cervia, a salt that is particularly rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Fresh Meat and Salami Game
In order to spread our range of products (beef meat of the Consortium “La Granda”, pork fresh meat and salami of the breeds “cinta senese” and “mora romagnola” that are bred directly or in a semi free range state, chickens and pullets bred completly free on the ground) and thanks to the collaboration with the Province of Bologna, Sanitary System of Bologna, the “Street of Wine and Tastes of the Bolognese Appennine” we have created a chain of game hunted in selection or under control (meaning those animals that are meant for being put down because of an excessive presence in our territories)-

The main characteristic of this project is that these meats of wild pork, roer, red and fallow deer are completly natural since the animals live and eat in complete freedom all their lives and this allows to have end products of very high quality (there are European studies that certify these game meats of the Bolognese Appennine as being among the best of the continent).

The creation of this food chain allows therefore to offer to restaurants and private parties a grown meat, slaughtered and handled exclusively on the Bolognese Appennine that is available all year long, that is certified and authorized to be sold according to European rules-

These products are sized under vacuum according to the anatomic cuts and are sold fresh with an expiry date of 40 days while the salami and sausages are obtained with the adding of the fat parts (bacon and fresh throats) of pork of the breed “mora romagnola” bred in the semi free range state, some artisanal Cervia sea salt, black pepper finely ground in order to emphasize as much as possible the natural taste of these meats.

roer and fallow deer

  • pulp for ground meat/ ragout
  • pulp for stew
  • shin bone
  • cutlet with bone
  • loin with bone
  • rump or thigh
  • fresh sausage

wild pork

  • pulp for ground meat
  • pulp for stew
  • shin bone
  • cutlet with bone
  • loin with bone
  • rump or thigh
  • fresh sausage

red deer

  • pulp for ground meat
  • pulp for stew
  • shin bone
  • cutlet with bone
  • loin with bone
  • rump or thigh
  • fresh sausage

salami of wild pork, roer, fallow and red deer

  • salami aged at least 6 months
  • sausage aged at least 4 months

The fresh salumi and sausage are made only by adding bacon and fresh throats of pork of “mora romagnola” breed bred in a semi free state, some ground black pepper and Cervia artisanal sea salt.

Macelleria Zivieri Massimo
Piazza XXIV Maggio, 96 – 40036 Monzuno (Bo)


Route 325 from Bologna:
go towards Sasso Marconi, turn left on statale del Setta/Setta’s Route towards Vado and Rioveggio; turn left before reaching Vado on provinciale degli Dei/Gods’Route. Monzuno is 9 km drive.

Highway toll pay A1 from Bologna:
Take exit to Sasso Marconi and turn left on statale del Setta/Setta’s Route towards Vado, 8 km drive, then make a detour leftwards, before Vado, on the provinciale degli Dei/Gods’Route.

Highway toll pay A1 from Firenze:
Take exit to Rioveggio and turn left towards Monzuno along provinciale Mediana Montana/Mediana Montana Route.

Fondo Valle Savena Route from Bologna:
go towards Rastignano, then go right on Fondo Valle Savena Route for 18 Km and continue till the crossroads and follow the signs to Monzuno.